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Sr. Product Designer

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I am Sahil & I am a Designer

With 6 years of design experience in both freelance and industry settings, I am a seasoned Senior Product Designer at Zeotap, committed to delivering impactful and user-centered design in every project I undertake.

My Projects


Sports Community App

This application is designed to give countless sports fans a platform where they can form their own communities and have discussions without switching between apps. This application contains several features so that end users can interact using the Android app.



Micro-Mobility App

Rout is a concept app project I worked on for my portfolio.

Rout believes in creating a micro-mobility ecosystem that is simple and accessible. Rout provides you with dock less scooter-share to
get you where you need to go.

iPhone X-XS – 13.png


Online Book Store

STORi helps you experience the joy of reading no matter where you are. 

The idea is simple. Reading should never stop. With STORi you can buy and read any book of your choice from anywhere around the world. Stori is a concept project I worked on.

iPhone X-XS – 4.png


Food Delivery App

This is a concept project I worked on. Calory helps you foster healthy eating habits by letting you order food by comparing basic nutrition values. It helps you foster healthy eating habits by letting you order food by comparing basic nutrition values.

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Brands I've Worked With

I started freelance visual designing almost three years ago and have successfully completed more than eighty projects to date for multiple brands.  Currently, I work with Head Digital Works as an Interaction Designer


Get in Touch!

If you have a website or mobile app idea in mind or you need some advice about product design, or maybe you just want to say 'Hello', feel free to contact me. 

Thanks for submitting!

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